May 13, 2018

Rochelle Bird Files for State Representative

Overland Park, KS - Rochelle Bird -- a mother, a small business woman, and financial planner -- filed on May 11th for State Representative in District 27. An authentic conservative, Rochelle is running in the Republican Primary, which will be held on August 7th.

Bird, a resident of Overland Park, said she will advocate for conservative principles in Topeka.

"It's time to make Topeka work. Three of the last four years, Topeka has raised our taxes to pay for new spending. On education, they focus on appeasing lawyers and bureaucrats rather than student-focused reforms. Finally, they use gimmicks and transfers to balance the budget rather than implementing a sound financial plan," she said.

Bird is a financial planner, founding her own financial advisory business to help people get out of debt, plan for college and retirement, and become self-sufficient. Long active in Republican politics, she has also served as a City Councilwoman and a Legislative Aide. She believes this combination of private and public experience will serve her constituents well in Topeka.

"I believe strongly in the benefits of financial planning, providing opportunities for students to succeed, protecting our values, and safeguarding the people's money. My experience mirrors that belief and is the approach I will take as a legislator," said Bird.

Finally, while some in office leave people guessing about their real views, Bird is committed to working for solutions that benefit all, while staying true to her values.

"Too often career politicians change their beliefs and their votes to secure support from special interest groups or to match the prevailing political winds at the time. The people deserve leaders committed to their values while working with others to get the job done. It is essential to listen and be open to compromise on small details, while having the courage to stand firm when it violates core conservative principles. "

The Republican Primary is on August 7th. You can learn more about Rochelle at her website,