May 21, 2018

Rochelle Bird Files for State Representative

Stilwell -- Former Speaker Ray Merrick, who represented District 27 from 1998-2010 and again from 2013-2016, has endorsed Rochelle Bird for State Representative. Speaker Merrick, who also served in the State Senate for two years, praised Rochelle's authentic conservatism.

"Rochelle Bird is the real deal. She represents the type of sharp, experienced leadership that Topeka so desperately needs. In an era where politicians seek to be all things to all people, Rochelle is true to herself - an authentic conservative who will be a consistent champion for core Republican principles. She will fight and she will lead," said Merrick.

Responding to the endorsement, Bird said she was thankful for Merrick's trust and confidence.

"The people of District 27 placed their trust in Speaker Merrick for many years, and he responded by fighting for conservative principles throughout his time in Topeka. Ray is a friend to Kansas and I appreciate his trust in my conservative message and I am grateful for his strong support, " said Bird.

Rochelle Bird is an authentic conservative running in the Republican Primary in District 27. The election is August 7th. Learn more about Rochelle at